Sunday, August 22, 2010

Batu Ritung Lodge

The Batu Ritung Lodge derives its name from a megalith (rock monument) erected in remembrance of a local warrior, Ritung, who is also an ancestor of ours.

The lodge is a unique structure as part of it stands in a pond (rest assured, no sewerage enters the pond), as originally built by my late father, Galih Balang.

Our lodge is essentially a 2-storey wooden dwelling with 6 guest-rooms on the upper floor. The rooms offer comfortable beds with 2 and 3-guest configurations which eventually accomodates up to 20 guests at any one time. Should your group be larger, the huge living area on the same level could accomodate an additional 20 comfortably. And, should the whole 40 or so pack insist to stick together even when sleeping, the living area on the ground floor will sufficiently fullfil your fancy.

A verandah on the upper floor offers a great view of the village and its surroundings, and is a favorite hangout.

Another favorite hangout is the reading-cum-dining area overlooking the pond and a patch of paddy field which, other than food, serves reading materials ranging from magazines to novels. Please bear in mind though to leave the reading material behind as you leave. Adjacent to the dining area is a mini family-muzium should history be your thing. You could even try your hand at beading or some other local handicraft. Should the task be deemed too much to handle, ready-made handicrafts are available for purchase as souvenirs.

Meals are predominantly what we gather from the 'jungle supermarket' and wahtever we grew in the vegetable plot. So every meal is as fresh as they could get, even buns or muffins at breakfast. All cooking is done by wood-fired stoves.


  1. been there so many times, trekking from Ba kelalan or from Bario..very nice place to stay and very good hospitality of the owner..

    Will come again some other day


  2. Joseph Agan Nabun DolcettiDecember 1, 2012 at 1:32 PM

    If you know how to look, you will find beauty everywhere in the world. However, in some places you do not have to look very hard. Pa'Lungan is one of these places and Batu Ritung, in the company of my dear Kelabit family Supang and Nabun is the perfect place to enjoy the view. You will be surrounded by warmth, genuine love and appreciation for your presence, Kelabit and highland culture, unparalleled forest splendor and the most natural and delicious home cooking you will find anywhere in "the land below the clouds."
    ... if you have any questions please ask...Agan